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Coventry Climax Fpf Engines

Today, 12:58 PM

Posted by ed76 in GPL Request Area
This would be great to have 2 engines : 1.5 FPF and 2.5 FPF
with Tasman + F1 cars 65 and 66 , we can have nice carsets:
Tasman ( and Goldstar) 65 and 66
south africa Championship 65 and 66

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I Can't Insert Names Or Save Settings In Gpl

04 Feb 2016

Posted by william thompson in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Greetings,   I can enter different nationalities or change teams, but when I try to enter a name or save a car setting, I cannot make entries in the spaces provided.   When I press the keyboard keys, nothing appears in the  little windows provided.  I'm on win 7 pro 64 bit.   I can drive the cars - training only at this stage.  I would really appreciate any advice.  I have used the latest installer - 1.3.
best wishes,  william

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Nr2002 Question

04 Feb 2016

Posted by snafu in N2K3-Discussion
Hi All,
ok, apologies, not a NR2003 question but thought if anyone might know it would be you guys. :)

I have a copy of Nascar Racing 2002.

Does anyone know if there is a patch to allow screen resolutions suitable for a wide screen monitor? 1280 * 960 is the best the config will allow and although it will run full screen FPS is terrible. If I run it in a window it runs perfectly but it's so small it's difficult to really enjoy the experience. :(

I tried the obvious of editing the ini file but it crashes as soon as the intro has finished...

It's no biggie, I know the obvious answer is go and buy a copy of NR2003 but I just found my old copy and dusted it off to see if it was as good as I remembered it.

Thanks in advance


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Gpl Watkins Glen For Nr2003

03 Feb 2016

Posted by Lotus49 in Nr2003 Request Area
Hi all.

I'm pretty sure there is/was a NR2003 version of GPL's Watkins Glen circuit, but I've searched high and low and the closest I've got is a dormant (unusable) listing of 'watkins_glen - Papyrus' on one of the track download sites. All of the other tracks are available if you search enough (some with graphical updates, but essentially the same tracks) - its only Watkins Glen that appears to be missing.

Does anyone know of a link or where I might find it by any chance?

Many thanks.  :)

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Rip Tyler Alexander.

03 Feb 2016

Posted by Chris Amon in Motorsport Chat
Sad news, Tyler Alexander passed away last month. I only just found out as my Phil Kerr book arrived today and I wanted to read a bit more about the man. In doing so, I stumbled across the news of Tyler's passing. Another McLaren founding father gone.


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