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Motor Sport Films

Yesterday, 03:57 AM

Posted by twinpotter in Off Topic Chat
What are the top motor racing films of all time.
Included are:
Grand Prix
Le Mans

Maybe there are some obscure or infamous ones that just float your boat.

I bring this subject to the fore after watching UK film channel TCM. They had on a movie called The Green Helmet from 1961. About a driver who after numerous crashes is thinking of retiring until an American business man persuades him to continue and test is new tyres.
Scenes from Silverstone ,leman,Sebring and the Mille Miglia along with some nice shots of historic cars and scenery. Problem is from a personal view this film is rare and almost impossible to get. No video or dvd copies anywhere online and no clips on youtube either.
Anybody know any difference then please let us know!



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24 Apr 2015

Posted by chris skepis in GPL Request Area
Hi guys
I hate asking things to modders and track builders ( they are extremely busy already doing wonders for us) but, with the advent of Jonny'o Sudam carset and
his forthcoming Div 4 carset, I really can´t help but ask track builders (Ginetto, Sergio Loro, and others) to make a real Interlagos old layout track. The one available
is completely wrong, All the altitudes are wrong, there are a tropical rain forest around the circuit and Interlagos never had a single tree on it, only bushes, all corners are wrong. To give a exemple, the part called "Subida do Lago" it is an uphill and not a downhill, there ain´t no Berlin Wall around "Ferradura". At the end of the big straight "Retao" is a downhill, not an uphill. Corner 1,2 and 3 are slightly banked. The "Retao" is longer than it is on the available track, and far too many wrong things to mention. There are a lot of beautiful Argentine tracks for GPL and the only two Brazilian tracks ( Interlagos and Jacarepagua) are dreadfully wrong. Unfortunately I have got absolutely no skills at all to build a track, so I've got no option other than ask for the Track Gurus to make Interlagos as it were one of the best tracks of the world. ( not the current layout as used on modern F1, but the old layout used in the 60´s and 70´s.) As I live today very near Interlagos, I could go there and ask if I can get a circuit map with altitudes etc...I don´t know if they can give it away, but I can try if helps.

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Gpl Re-Installation

Yesterday, 05:14 AM

I've been using GPL from the very start and my files are gigantic and full of unwanted rubbish.
Neither do their structures bear any resemblance to the neat ones shown on screenshots when the
experts try to help resolve problems which ends up with me fiddling about making things worse.
I think the answer is to backup my existing GPL set-up then make a new full installation including
all the mods although I don't race online so guess I don't need to worry about iGor.
I seem to remember seeing a similar discussion recently but can't find the thread.
Can anyone provide the link please or give some advice.

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Humble Bundle Racing Games Weekend Sale!

24 Apr 2015

Hi lads,

Humble Bundle is selling at discount prices many racing games this weekend, check them out!
part of the money you spend goes into charity ;)


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Matra Ms7 Windscreen Editing

22 Apr 2015

I'm creating a 1968 version of the MS7 (F2 Mod) and I'm having trouble with the windscreen. One of the changes from 1967 is that the rear half of the windscreen is solid and has the driver's name on it.

When I use Winmip to convert the .mip file (which I have attached) it creates two .bmps, one of which is the transparency. I have tried editing both but I cannot find the right way to do this.

If I just edit windma.bmp, although the changes are visible on the preview in DATman, when I view the car on track the windscreen looks the same as before.

Then I tried to edit windma_ti.bmp but Winmip crashes when I try to convert the two .bmps back to a .mip file. I don't know much about transparencies so I am not sure what I can and can't edit.

I want the final result to look like this:
Posted Image

Any suggestions?

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