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Gpl Mod Replay Folders

29 Sep 2014

Posted by rcb in GPL-Misc' Addons
Here is my collection of separate mod replay folders with support for the latest released mods.  I have also created files for the '55 F1 mod and Can-Am '66 mod (plus a few others) and I will release these when the mods are available and I can verify they work ;-)

Credits: These are based on Nardin's original EuroF2 replay xml file which I have cleaned up a bit and modified.  Hat tip to Akseli as well.  My xml's are different, but I'd almost forgotten that I used some of the folder names from his older compilation of both his and Nardin's work available here: http://srmz.net/inde...047 .

Since there are some people who choose not to install all of the mods, each file is a separate download.

To install: extract the contents of the zip file into your GPL main folder and then check the " ** replay directory " box in GEM+ to enable it.

- Curt Burns

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Strange Install Problem?

Yesterday, 04:12 AM

Dear Guy's, I ám trying to make a new GPL install in Windows7. Using GPL installer 1.07 and 1.04, the installing works fine, but after this I still have the dated old GPL visuals. As you now the old GPL looks crappy.

When using XP I never had any issue installing, now with Windows7 I have.

Is there any solution for this, or maybe an other way to make my install work?

Thanks for your support, very appriciated....................Hez.

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Gplracer Down

26 Sep 2014

Posted by DieGrueneHoelle in GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL"
Hi all,

our GPLRACER league site is down for two days now.

Im trying to contact some admins to get some more information about that issue. ATM i dont know what the problem is. In the name of all GPLRACER admins we are sorry for all the inconvenience. If there is any news, i will report it here asap. Stay tuned.

John Smith (GPLRACER admin)

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Setup Question

26 Sep 2014

I have been playing around with GPL again after a long tome off playing Console racing sims/games. I have had a love/hate relationship with GPL since I first tried the Demo, way back when. Now it seems I can actually keep the cars on the road (al)most of the time, using the 65 Mod and the F2 in the original 67's. I have now gotten comfortable enough to play around with fiddling in the setup garage, the Balue way. My question is this, say on Monza you want to set top speed going in to Parabolica, most people say adjust 5th gear to achieve this. Could you not just alter the Final Drive ratio to achieve the same thing? This way you don't have to adjust all 5 gear ratios. What would be the downside to doing it this way?

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Brabham Return

27 Sep 2014

Posted by twinpotter in Motorsport Chat
Just heard of a possible return to motor sport and later F1 with fan interaction and involvement.
What do you all think!


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