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Painting Carskin

17 May 2015

Posted by chris skepis in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Hi guys

I am learning how to paint a car and already got stuck with this

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what do I have to do to get rid of those black parts blocking the view of the wheels ?

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The Jim Clark Weekend - 50Th Anniversary Of 1965 Championship In 2015

17 May 2015

For those who don't venture out much into the other forums, I've just posted this in the motorsport chat forum on this thread http://srmz.net/inde...=15#entry111177

"I've just returned home from the 50th Anniversary celebrations of Jim Clark's 1965 F1 World Championship and all I can say is that, the 600 miles round trip was well worth it!

I've been meaning to visit the Jim Clark Room in Duns for years but I've always procrastinated; the 50th anniversary celebrations left me with no excuses. The museum was busy all day and the street outside it was lined with quite a large crowd pretty much all day (despite the odd rain shower) watching some of the cars run by Classic Team Lotus do a few runs up and down the road.

Sir Jackie Stewart, Alan McNish and members of the Jim Clark Trust (and I think Borders council too) gave a little talk about the man and the plans to expand the room into a museum.

The highlights for me was watching Bob Dance warm up one of the cars and standing right behind the 1966 Lotus BRM H16 as it was warmed up. Incredible! What a glorious sound! I didn't realise the cars were that loud back then!

To top off the day, I had my Eric Dymock book on Jim Clark signed by Ian Scott-Watson, Graham Gould and Bob Dance. What gentlemen! I also paid a visit to Jim's final resting place in Chirnside on my way home. Moving stuff."

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Simulating The 24 Hrs & 12 Hrs Races Of Endurance

16 May 2015

Posted by davef in GPL-67GT Sports Mod
I finally got around to trying out Jani's great discovery of simulating night racing for the Sportscars. :)
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(start to read at post #23) http://srmz.net/inde...opic=6600&st=15

To get this feature go to Martin's (MECH's) great GPL site to download GPL Fog.

For further realism add Lee's excellent pitstop patch.

We can for 24 Hours of Daytona & the 24 Hours of Le Mans make 3 races (long) to simulate day>night>day.
Start the first heat (daylight race) with the trackGT ini without fog (night) settings. After exporting
the results for determining the winner by aggregate ( I will explain a little later) adjust the GPL Fog Tool
to add night to the 2nd heat.(One might need to adjust the dlong_speed_adj_coeff setting in the night track ini
to slow the ai if the player is slower in the night version). After the 2nd heat (night race) export again the results
to save for figuring the outcome.
While resting in the bunkhouse as your co-driver does his stint ;) use the GPL Fog Tool to remove the night setting and
if needed readjust the dlong to it's original setting to speed ai up for the daylight final heat race.After completion,
export these results. To figure out the overall results for the 3 heats one can use a program such as Excel to make
a tabulation sheet. Example :
Attached File  spreadsheet.JPG   114.14K   66 downloads

For 12 Hrs of Sebring & 12 Hrs of Reims, a combination of 3 (day>day>night) Intermediate or pro short races would be half of the 24 hr
races descibed above.

EDIT : See post #6 for further options of 1 time qualifying & retiring ai opponents from further heats.

Perhaps some savvy individual with good knowledge of Excel can come up with a better formulation
template. :wave:

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Ferrari Museums

19 May 2015

Hi lads,

I have been in Modena last weekend and I visited the Ferrari museums both at Modena and Maranello. Arturo Pereira kindly asked me to take some pictures while there and well I did :D :D 180 pictures circa for your enjoyment :D
I tried to take pictures of every detail for cars which are or could be in development for GPL but, as you might know, I am a terrible photographer :P sorry
Hope you'll like them the same!

Full album HERE

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How To Create Installer For Carset?

17 May 2015

I've nearly finished creating a carset for a 1968 version of the F2 mod. I would like to create an installer for it, so people don't have to manually replace files. I have no idea how to even get started, can anyone tell me what I need to do, and what tools are available?

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